How to Penis massage?

Men and women have unique and distinct sexual system. The sexual parts of both the genders differ from each other to great extent. It is due to unique constitution of the sexual parts or organs of the two genders that they are able to carry out sexual act in an apt and satisfying manner. The male penis is penetrated deeply into the vagina of the females during the sexual intercourse so as to offer sensual pleasure to both the partners. In order to penetrate the penis of the males into the vagina of the females, it is very much important that men must have proper and large size of the penis. Unluckily, some men have small size of the penis. Due to this, such men are unable to perform the sexual act in a proper manner. As a result of this, both the partners remain sexually unsatisfied with each other. However, men need not worry about small size of their penis as they can increase the size of the penis. For this, men need to massage their penis. There are numbers of massaging techniques with the help of which men may massage their penis and get benefitted significantly as mentioned below.

  • One of the most interesting massaging techniques for penis is the Climbing The Mountain technique. It is done by holding the penis in one hand and keeps it touching gently for around 10 minutes. Then you may stroke it quickly up-and-down followed by slow sensuous strokes in up-and-down motion for 10 seconds. Again you need to repeat two quick sensuous strokes of up-and-down motion for around 10 second followed by caressing the penis and then giving three rapid strokes. You need to repeat the same procedure till ejaculation takes place suddenly. Regular practice of this massage helps in increasing the size of the penis as well as the ejaculation time for better performance during the actual act.
  • Another great and commonly recommended penis massage technique to increase its size is To carry out this massage, you need to take hold of your penis one hand in such a manner that a ring is formed around your penis with your thumb and forefinger. Drag the ring thus formed towards the head of the penis and then makes it loose so as to bring it back to the shaft. It may be carried out with one or both the hands for around 20 to 30 minutes on daily basis to achieve the desired results. Oils or creams may be used to do this massage on the penis so as to make your penis smoother.
  • One more effective penis massage technique in the list is known as Autoerotic Technique. It is chiefly carried out with the glans. The penis is taken hold of at the shaft and the hand is taken towards the glans. The finger tips are then tapped around the glans so as to improve blood circulation towards the penis and make it harder. This massage may be repeated for 10-15 minutes regularly for most effective results.

With the help of these massage techniques, you may surely increase penis size and enjoy your sexual life.


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