Speman help to Increase sperm count and Herbal Remedies to Boost Male Fertility

Lets start the article with a reality. 95 % of male infertility problems are caused due to insufficiency of sperms production in the body. Yes you got it right; it is a big bitter fact. And another big fact is that this can be resolved easily with simple methods that are mentioned in the following article.

Lets first search for the causes that may lead to lowering of sperm count

  1. Usage of drugs rather over usage of drugs. People who are in frequent use of steroids, anabolic drugs, narcotics, drug abuser are most prone to low sperm count problem.
  2. Alcoholism. People who are alcoholic or consume high grade of alcohol are at high risk in developing sperm relates issues. Alcohol abuse also leads to dehydration in the body thus reducing serum required for sperm carriage.
  3. Occupational hazards. People who are working in industries are related to high heat or strong chemicals are at very high risk of getting affect on their sperm count
  4. Tobacco intake even taken passively. People who are smokers or are consuming tobacco indirectly are also at high risk of getting low sperm count.
  5. Stress. Men who are working in high stressful conditions are prone to getting affect on their sperm count as well as quality
  6. Over weight. Men who are overweight have a high risk of getting reduced sperm count.
  7. Radiations. Men who are either working or getting exposed to X-Rays, ultrasonic waves etc are also at high risk of getting low sperm count or defected sperm production.

Main effect of low sperm count or reduced sperm count is infertility problems in males

We here introduce you to some very easy but high effective ways by which you can increase the sperm count naturally.

  1. Adizus kit – Adizus kit includes adizus oils as well as adizus capsules. These both are high effective herbal treatment that is helpful enhancing the sperm production. It is also helpful in enhancing the serum production that works as a carrier via which sperm travels. These herbal preparations are enriched with certain precious herbs that make it one of the most powerful aphrodisiac agents.
  2. Speman – Speman is a product produced by Himalaya Drug Company that is one of the most reputed herbal manufacturers. Speman is one of the most trusted names in enhancing sperm count naturally. It is enriched with salam mishri herb that has stupendous results in enhancing sperm production along with mucana herb.

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How to Use

1 capsule of adizus capsule two times a day with normal water
2 tablet of Speman 2 times a day with water
Application of Adizus oil in forward direction two times a day.


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