Shilajit Gold with Adizus Pack Best Supplements to Take Before Your Wedding

Getting ready for marriage!!! Super excited about it but apprehend how will the first night be. Yes for sure it is a big big question that arise in every guys mind before marriage. Will he be successful in ending up as an Hercules in his first night or will have to face embarrassment. This is a very stressful moment in almost every guy’s life. But need not to worry now. We are here for solve your problem.

Introducing for the very first time a pack that will resolve your first night problem. We introduce to you a health pack which is purely natural in origin to solve your all apprehension before your marriage.

Benefit of
Dabur Shilajit Gold
Adizus Ayurvedic Pack

  1. Increases stamina
  2. Boost libido
  3. Improves timing
  4. Gives strong erection
  5. Makes organ hard and big
  6. Removes mental stress
  7. Enhances sperm volume and density

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For India Shipping

1 Month Pack

This whole pack contains

1 bottle Adizus oil 15ml
1 bottle Adizus capsules containing 60 herbal capsules
1 Packet Shilajit Gold containing 10 Capsules

Rs 999/-
Free Shipping in India Only

For Outside India

3 Months Pack

This whole pack contains

3 Adizus oil 15ml/ bottle
3 bottles Adizus capsules containing 60 herbal capsules each
3 Packets of Dabur Shilajit Gold containing 30 Capsules

USD $120/- Shipping Charges included

A health pack for a guy to be taken before marriage for after marriage success in sexual encounter
  1. Adizus capsules – adizus capsules of Nidanam is one of the most powerful herbal supplement that is capable of overcoming all sorts of shortcoming that a male feels he needs to be resolved. Adizus is a big power booster capsules that not only helps in boosting stamina but also helps in increasing sperm count required to last longer in bed especially on your weeding night. This powerful herbal formula will give you and your partner the most electrifying experience that you have never even thought of. It is also helpful in overcoming all kind so weaknesses in the male body like low stamina, low libido, small penile size, premature ejaculation, impotence, low sperm count etc. Adizus is a powerful herbal formula that may prove important in rectifying all male health related problems.
  2. Shilajit Gold – Shilajit gold red colored capsules are ment to boost power in any male to perform long lasting event in the bed with his mate. Shilajit gold are herbal capsules that are very effective in boosting energy in males who are getting ready for their wedding. Shilajit gold capsules are made by DABUR which is one of the most reputed herbal manufacturers and has their presence felt worldwide. Shilajit Gold is enriched with many herbs especially Indian saffron that is very powerful aphrodisiac agent that not only will help in boosting high energies in males but also helps in pumping that extra energy that you and your girl always wanted.
  3. Adizus oil – Adizus oil is just not another oil. It is one of the most researched herbal oil that will help you increasing penis size as well as will also help in making your organ hardest that you have always desired for. It is one of the most powerful herbal oil that will help your Penis to grow big…bigger and biggest. It may also be helpful in reducing penile curve that give lots of problem while having sexual intercourse.

Dosage –

  • 1 capsule of adizus capsule two times a day
  • 1 capsule of shilajit gold capsule two times a day
  • Massage adizus oil two times a day in forward direction for 10 minutes.

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